I have 4 ideas that are going to jump start your life. Things may be okay as they are now, but life can take on a certain sameness when you follow a routine day in and day out. So we found these ideas in Best Life magazine. They interviewed experts on work, money, fitness, and friends and these tips are the jumper cables that are going to get you revved up again.

  • To start, the next time you’re surfing the internet, instead of bidding on eBay, Google an old friend and make contact. Relationship therapist Dr. Pat Love says when you get in touch with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, it reconnects you to a part of yourself you may have forgotten. Also, an international study found that email increases contact between friends and relatives. And research from UCLA shows that even one close friend extends people’s lives.
  • The next jump start is for your worklife: Arrive 45 minutes early and stay 15 minutes late. Use the first 45 minutes to knock one thing off your daily to-do list, and the last 15 minutes to plan out your day tomorrow. You’ll undergo your own productivity boost by tapping into the most energized part of the day, which is morning. And you’ll end with a burst of organization. In a survey of over a thousand workers, the vast majority said they were most productive early in the day. Then, use your drive home to start planning how you’ll use your raise.
  • Drive a different way to work, school, or even the store. According to Emory University, finding new physical pathways uses different pathways in the brain, which means you’ll get new ideas and come up with more creative solutions to problems. Even rearranging your furniture at home can trigger the pleasure center in your brain, leaving you feeling happier.
  • Take a 3-day weekend. According to the book “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life” people who can keep their professional and private lives separate are more successful in both areas. So do absolutely nothing work related for 72 hours. Even 5 minutes of work brings stress. It’s like leaving a car’s interior light on – it’s small but it drains the battery.