We found this book, "Attitude 101" by John C. Maxwell, and it says that banishing negative words and phrases from your vocabulary can actually improve your outlook and inspire you. So here are 3 phrases to ditch if you need a mood lifter:
1. Instead of saying "I doubt it," Say "I believe it." Why? Because hopeful thinking can boost your happiness and help you see even a negative situation as an opportunity to learn something.
2. Instead of saying "Maybe" Say "I will." Why? Because you're less likely to do something you're unsure about. A positive statement, like "I will," creates a sense of commitment   which in turn, leaves you open to new possibilities.
And the third step to a better mood: Instead of saying "I'm too busy" Say "I'll make the time."
Why: Because having something fun and different to look forward to helps get you through life's struggles. So next time you're asked to do something, like a weekend trip, say yes. Your chores will be waiting for you when you get back, but you'll be in a better mood.