You can feel happy all day long! Here’s a daily routine that’ll keep you feeling good – no matter what the day throws at you. This comes from Good Housekeeping magazine:

  • Hit the gym when you wake up. That’s because regular 30-minute aerobic workouts fight depression and anxiety just as well as antidepressants! Half an hour of jogging burns about 260 calories – which means you could enjoy a vanilla latte, guilt-free!
  • On your way to work – or while running your morning errands - stop by the market and grab a bouquet of flowers. A Harvard Medical School study reported that people felt more relaxed and upbeat after having fresh flowers around for just a few days! Also, studies show that the sight and scent of flowers improves mood just as effectively as antidepressants.
  • About midway through your day – 3pm or so – Reward yourself after finishing a tough task. For example, walk to Starbucks for that vanilla latte after completing a report for your boss. Or play basketball with your friends after finishing a paper for school. Why? The final moments are crucial to how we remember our experiences. So, if you end a tough task with a pleasant reward, you’ll feel happier about the experience as a whole.
  • At 5pm – or whenever you get home - plan something fun. A study from Loma Linda University found that when participants just anticipated watching their favorite funny movie, their endorphin levels increased by almost 30%! Having something fun to look forward to makes us feel good. So, call a friend and see if they want to have lunch next week. Or plan a date night with your spouse.
  • Go to bed! Being tired raises your stress hormones – making you more likely to blow a fuse. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep – most people need between seven and eight hours.