If you're a control freak, especially when you're behind the wheel, then you're not going to like what the future has in store for you. According to the Los Angeles Times, automotive engineers are fast at work developing electrical steering systems that will take control of your car if the software senses that the vehicle is out of control.

Already, there are current systems that'll apply the front brakes or reduce engine speed automatically if the system detects an emergency. But that's nothing compared to the kind of the systems under development that will actually take over the steering.

A lot of people don't like this idea. They feel uneasy giving up control of an automobile to a computer. But according to a study by Mercedes Benz, if all cars had the systems that are available now for stability control, there would be an estimated 30% reduction in single vehicle crashes, saving 5,000 lives a year.

Another plus with electric steering systems. They reduce car assembly costs, which means you'll save money too. And the new technology will be lighter, so fuel efficiency will be increased by about 4%. And that's the scoop on some new technology on the horizon from the L.A. Times.