Want to stay younger, longer? Then avoid these everyday bad habits that can add wrinkles to your face, and wear-and-tear to your heart. This comes from the researchers at Rodale Publishing:

  • The first bad habit: Eating processed foods. The deep grooves running from your nose to mouth – also known as “smile lines” – are caused by thinning skin tissue. The top causes are: Too much sugar and white flour. Studies show that excess sugar makes the collagen in your skin more fragile, increasing your risk for wrinkles. Too much white flour decreases your skin’s elasticity, and interacts at the molecular level, making your skin more susceptible to wrinkle-causing splits and fractures.
  • The next habit that’ll make you old before your time: Drinking too much alcohol. Dr. Alex Chediac is the medical director of the Miami Sleep Disorders Center. He says alcohol disrupts your normal sleep cycle. How? It may make you sleepy at bedtime. About four hours later, the alcohol begins to wear off, boosting your brain into an excitable state, and disrupting the deep, slow-wave, restorative sleep that keeps your body looking and feeling young. In fact, you’re 97% more likely to reach age 85 if you drink only one alcoholic beverage a day. The best one to have is a glass of red wine – or red grape juice. They both contain the chemical resveratrol – which helps prevent or even delay the onset of chronic disease.
  • One final habit that’ll make you old before your time: Losing your temper. Emotional stress increases the production of immune compounds called histamines, which can cause inflammation in your organs and arteries. Chronic inflammation also causes the skin to puff up, rupturing the delicate layer of protein, fats and oils in your skin, and causing fine lines and wrinkles. However, by reducing your emotional stress, you reduce the inflammation, and your risk of wrinkles and death from a heart attack. A study at Duke University found that angry men, who took a daily multivitamin for six months, reduced the levels of inflammatory chemicals to the level of calmer people.