Anyone who’s looking for a job in today’s economy knows there’s not much margin for error because even the smallest mistakes can keep you from getting hired. So, here’s how to avoid 3 common mistakes that job applicants make:

#1: Talking too much. Interview expert Michael Neece says most job candidates believe they have to oversell their qualifications but that makes you look nervous and unorganized. Your best bet: Pause before you speak and think, “What are they really trying to learn from this question?” Make your answer brief and to the point. If the interviewer wants more details, they’ll ask.

The second job search mistake: Not knowing your market value. Career expert Liz Ryan says that at the moment, supply and demand favors companies. Which means some job seekers are pricing themselves out of a job by asking companies to match their old salary. The fix: Before your interview, research what your skills are currently worth by hopping onto websites like Payscale and

And the last job search mistake is a career killer: Stretching or hiding the truth. Career expert Caroline Ceniza-Levine says that 60 percent of hiring managers will toss a résumé if they even suspect a candidate’s stretching the truth or trying to put a too-positive spin on something like getting fired, or a long gap in employment history. The best way to deal with a black mark on your record is to own up to it. Then, tell your interviewer what you learned from the mistake and move on.