That happy feeling you get when you succeed, or connect with someone, or realize you're incredibly glad to be alive? According to Prevention magazine, about 40 percent of our happiness is what we deliberately do to make ourselves happy. And people who are happy, experience joy more often--So, here are some tips:
  • First, research shows that being thankful makes people happier. So, write why you're thankful in a "gratitude journal"--You'll be more optimistic, attentive, enthusiastic, energetic, have more self-esteem, and feel better about life.
  • Experts also say that random acts of kindness increase happiness. Merely witnessing kindness, loyalty, and heroism significantly elevates mood, and increases your desire to perform good deeds.
  • Next, remember what it was like to be a kid. Why? Because children are joyful when they play. If you can learn to play again, joy will find you-- That's from Ned Hallowell, MD and author of "The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness." So, try art or sports or anything creative and fun that really captures your attention.
  • And the final tip on how to find more joy in life is--Don't overdo it. Even if you adore vanilla ice cream and it brings you joy, the more you eat, the less joy it'll bring. Why? Your brain is only wired to respond with joy to new events. So, space out your joyful pleasures.
But if you're not exactly sure what might bring you joy, try taking the survey at It can help you figure out what you're good at, and what might make you happier.