You will now! Here are 4 tips designed to change the way you speak from ordinary to extraordinary! These come from voice coach Dr. Carol Fleming:

  • You’ll sound more intelligent if you slow down your speech. You’ll use more of your vocabulary and give the impression that you’re really thinking.
  • If you want to sound more confident and powerful, use short, simple sentences. “I’m happy you’re here. Let’s get started” - is more effective than, “It’s really great that everyone’s here and I think we’re going to have a very productive meeting.”
  • Never answer a question with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Instead, add a short phrase to clarify your thinking. For example, “Yes, I know Jim.” Or “No, I didn’t see that movie.” Those short phrases show that you’re polished.
  • You’ll sound more articulate by making sure you pronounce the final sound of words. Pay special attention to 'T' and ‘ing’ sounds. Crisp and clear pronunciation makes others think you’re intelligent and well spoken.

To sum up: speak slowly, elaborate a little when you answer questions, and pronounce the end of words. This’ll show the world how articulate, and confident you really are!