If you thought company dress codes were tough before, experts say they’re getting more “extreme” every day!

For example: UBS bank now enforces a policy that says women may wear “no more than seven pieces of jewelry.” Also, Geico Insurance, Denny’s, and the U-S Postal Service will not hire anyone with visible tattoos. And American Apparel has a dress code that forbids wearing “shiny lip-gloss!”

What’s going on? Basically, experts say that in today’s competitive job market, employers can afford to be more picky about who they hire and promote and these days. Thousands of people are missing out on great jobs simply because they don’t have the right look! In fact, here are the biggest “dress code no-nos” that’ll keep you from being hired, according to a new Career Builder survey:

At #1: 37% percent of managers said they’ll pass if you have visible tattoos.

At #2: 34% percent said they’ll turn you down if you have bad breath.

At #3: 31% percent said wearing wrinkled clothing to an interview was the biggest no-no.

At #4: 29% percent said they won’t hire you if you show up for the interview with messy hair.

Finally: At least one-in-four HR managers said they won’t hire you if you wear too much make-up, perfume or cologne.