You trash talk someone only to find that they're standing in the doorway and heard every word you said. Or you ask someone "When are you due?"   and they're not pregnant. Yes, you want to curl up and die. But here's how to handle those embarrassing moments from the book "The Fabulous Girl's Guide To Grace Under Pressure" The trick is, don't let embarrassment paralyze you. Say you're sorry   sincerely   and lay it on a bit thick. Most people will accept an immediate and heartfelt apology.
If your comment was a joke   say you didn't mean it, but acknowledge that you know even jokes can hurt.
If you were criticizing someone, apologize for not confronting them directly. Then follow up and try to resolve the problem between the two of you. If you were caught gossiping, admit that you were spreading news about them, and tell them that in the future, you'll mind your own business.