I have happiness intelligence to share.

  • Know this: Feeling happy can be hard. A new study in Current Directions in Psychological Science found that unpleasant life events are easier to recall than positive ones – and this can overshadow your day-to-day happiness. Part of the problem might be that when we’re stressed or upset, there’s an increase in a hormone that’s linked to memory. However, you CAN shift your focus to the good times – it just takes work. So try this: During a happy moment, pause and note the details. So if you’re playing basketball with your kids, pay attention to things like what everyone’s wearing and how your daughter grunts when she goes for a lay-up. Then, replay these detailed memories in your head before bedtime. If you keep doing this, pleasant moments will start to become “top of mind”.
  • The next thing you should know about happiness: Money won’t buy it! It turns out millionaires often suffer from a condition known as “Wealth Fatigue Syndrome.” What is it? Basically, when wealthy people realize that buying cars, yachts, and jewelry isn’t going to permanently raise their sprits, they start to feel depressed. So if you want to feel happy, stop focusing on your bank account, and start counting your non-monetary blessings – like your good health and loving family.
  • Our final piece of happiness intelligence is for the ladies: If you’re unhappy at work, don’t fly off the handle! Yale researchers found women who lose their temper at work are perceived as emotional and incompetent. Why? Because anger is typically seen as a MALE trait. So when a woman expresses it, people assume she’s out of control. So ladies, although the stereotype isn’t fair, you should avoid blowing your top at work. Instead, calmly explain WHY you’re upset – to your boss or a co-worker – and try to come up with a solution. Guys, this isn’t an excuse for YOU to start getting angry! No one likes a screamer at work – whether they’re male or female.