It's not all in your head. Your bad mood has a lot to do with your body. There's an article in Rodale Publishing and it says, your body involuntarily reacts to situations before your brain even knows what's going on.

For example: Some guy shoves you out of the way on the street. Your body tenses up before your brain thinks, what a jerk! It's called your autonomic response system and it works like a freight train. Once it gets going, it has a hard time slowing down. So here's how to get out of that angry mood - by changing the signals that your body is sending to your brain. Try this:

  • Sit down. Your flow of adrenaline is automatically decreased the minute you sit down.
  • Another way to change your mood - clean your room. Visual confusion makes us uneasy. So remove jagged edges, pick clothes up off the floor, make your bed. Or use visual confusion in your favor. If you don't want people lingering in your office, keep it cluttered.
  • Next- to lift a bad mood, put on a blue shirt. It's naturally relaxing which is why psychiatrists tell their depressed patients to stare at the sky.
  • Another trick for improving your mood, sniff something pleasing   a lemon, or just mowed grass. Those are mood lifters. But stay away from cigars and cigarettes, the smell of tobacco is a downer.