For instance, right now you could say that Hillary Swank is probably Hollywood's "It Girl." She recently scored another Oscar, and is only the second actress to win two Academy Awards by age 30. Jodie Foster was the first-
But ladies, you don't have to be a movie star to be an "It Girl"-At least, that's the word from Paula Froylick, a reporter for the New York Post who's watched publicists and agents make stars out of ordinary people. She says being successful comes from being committed to your goal. Because, as she puts it, stars are MADE   not born-So, here are a few rules she's learned about becoming a success.
  • Rule #1: Find whatever you're good at and do it. Everyone has a talent. The trick is to take that gift and turn it into a career-And it doesn't have to be some specialized skill. If you're a great talker, you can work toward being a news reporter, a talk show host   even a politician. If you're a great listener, you might look into being a counselor. Whatever you do well, come up with a way to take it to the next level-
  • Rule #2: PLAN on success. You have to believe you'll reach your goal. It doesn't have to be overnight   you could have a 3-year plan, or even a 10-year plan. Just make sure you HAVE a plan. And think of it as your partner - you have to make a commitment to it. Follow up on every opportunity and do every chore. Every baby step is like making good on an IOU to yourself-
  • And one last rule for being a successful "It Girl": Be nice to waiters. The way you treat people in service positions speaks volumes about your personality-Froylick says the older you get, the smaller the world seems. And the people you mistreat will eventually come back to bite you   so behave-If you treat everyone with respect on your way up, chances are they'll be there when you need them if things start going south-