Train and run in your first race. I ran in the New York marathon, and even though I was limping by the time I crossed the finish line, I still have a picture and my running number hanging up here in the studio. It doesn’t matter how fast you go – or how far you go. No one is chasing you. If you need motivation, check out these health benefits we found in Rodale Publishing.

  • First, you’ll live longer. Danish researchers studied more than 4,000 men for five years and found that regular joggers were 34% less likely to die of ANY cause than non-runners.
  • You’ll be smarter. A recent German study found that runners who jogged for half an hour at least twice a week improved their concentration and memory. On tests, runners made far fewer mistakes than non-joggers.
  • You’ll be happier. Psychiatrists at Duke University studied the effects of exercise and found that jogging is more effective at lifting moods than Zoloft and other antidepressants.
  • How’s this for a reason to run: It’ll get you promoted. Employees who exercise regularly are thought of more highly by their co-workers and bosses. They’re thought to be smarter and more capable.
  • If you think you’re too old to take up jogging, you’re not. Running is one of the few things you get better at with age. When Yale researchers compared race times of runners in different age groups over a 16 year period, they found that the older runners improved their race times at a greater rate than younger athletes. If you want to get started, check out and The Road Runners Club of America at