What do you do if you’re throwing a party and one of your guests has an out-of-control child or you disagree strongly with something someone is saying? Or what if one of your friends starts flirting with your spouse! Here are the answers courtesy of Oprah’s “O” magazine.  

  • First the brat on-the-loose. How do you handle it? Most experts would say to talk to the parents. But manners expert Colleen Rush says, talk to the kid first. Say something like, “Hey Billy, that’s not a toy, and we need to put that down.” She thinks most parents would be grateful not have to yell “Stop that!” for the millionth time. Rush says give the child two chances, and if he acts up a third time address the parents and say, “You know, this is kind of getting out of hand for me.” And if you’re the parent of a kid on a rampage, you might need to make your excuses and leave early.
  • Everyone’s engaged in a heated conversation that’s starting to turn ugly. Maybe you’re talking religion or politics and you have opposing views. How do you handle it with tact instead of anger? The book “The Art of Civilized Conversation”, says use one of these phrases.
    • “I get what you’re saying. Here’s what I think. ”
    • “There are two sides to that. ” and then give
        your view.
    • and lastly, if all else fails, say “I guess we    
      disagree on that.”
  • And if a friend starts flirting with your spouse at the party – what should you do? There are two ways to handle it.
    • Don’t let it get to you. Be confident in your relationship and let it go.
    • If your friend flirts with your spouse, decide that they’re not really your friend. End of story.