So – you just found out you have to give a big presentation this afternoon in front of your boss and HIS boss. Don’t panic! Here’s how to prepare, courtesy of Health magazine.

  • Do a dress rehearsal. Joan Detz is a speechwriter and author of It’s Not What you Say, It’s How You Say It, and she says shut your office door, turn off your email and send your calls to voicemail. Then, when you have the presentation together, read it out loud at least twice. This’ll help keep everything fresh in your mind so you don’t stumble. Also, it’ll warm up your vocal chords, so your voice sounds smooth and confident, not shaky.
  • Snack smart. To keep from feeling jittery, keep your blood sugar even. You can do this by mixing complex carbs and protein – like a handful of almonds and an apple, or a whole-wheat pita with hummus. Just don’t forget to brush your teeth afterwards!
  • Assume the power position. Detz says most people put one foot in front of the other, which tempts them to rock back and forth, but that makes you appear unfocused. It can also mess with the way your voice projects across the room. So, place your feet shoulder width apart and balance on the center of your feet, rather than your heels. You’ll instantly look and sound better.