We're bombarded with the latest exercise trends all the time   from Tae Bo to pilates to yoga. Well, forget all that. Basically, we just need to get moving again! So here's what a simple walk will do for you according to Self magazine.
  • If you take a 20 minute walk every day, going about 4 miles an hour, you'll burn 100 calories. Most of us consume 100 calories more than we need to everyday. So just by taking that walk, you've erased those calories.
  • If you walk for 30 minutes everyday, you'll burn 160 calories. And over the course of a year, if you do nothing else, you'll lose 16 pounds. And that extra 10 minutes of walking will cut your risk of dying from heart disease. You'll also ward off diabetes, high blood pressure and colon and breast cancer. And emotionally, you're less likely to be depressed, stressed and anxious.
  • And if you extend your daily walk to an hour   whoa Nelly! You'll slash your risk of cancer by 30%! And if you do nothing else but walk for an hour a day, you'll whittle 30 pounds off your frame by this time next year. How easy is that?
Let's do it together - I'll be right here behind the mic, but get a Walkman and I'll walk with you. Then you can call me and tell me how great you feel, toll free: 866-865-TESH.