These days college students are expected to get professional experience by working while they’re in school. It not only gives them spending cash, but helps them build their resume. So, here are four jobs college students should consider taking, according to U.S. News & World Report:

  • #1: Campus tour guide. Showing prospective students and their families around your college campus will improve your speaking and presentation skills. Dan Klamm is the marketing coordinator for Syracuse University. He says schools only appoint students as guides if they can be trusted to represent the school in a positive and mature way.
  • Another great job during college: Brand ambassador. A lot of companies want to get the word out about their products on college campuses. So, they hire outgoing, energetic students to give away product samples to fellow students. If you’re interested, check out the website Rep Nation, which connects companies and student job applicants.
  • Another great college job: On-campus Internet support, where you diagnose and solve technical problems for students and teachers. Experts say it’s a great work-study job if you’re headed for a degree in computer science, programming, or IT.
  • Working in the college alumni office can also help beef up your resume – and give you access working professionals. When you help plan fundraisers and work alumni events, you can make dozens of contacts who can help you find an internship or a job after college.