Here are some tips to make you the most charismatic person in any room, courtesy of the Bottom Line Personal newsletter.

Tip #1: Display confidence. A charismatic person can walk into a group of strangers and quickly make friends. The trick? Walk purposefully. When you’re with a group of people you don’t know, don’t wander around aimlessly. Set a specific goal you’d like to accomplish – meeting 3 new people or handing out 10 business cards – and get to it. Also, make an intriguing introduction. Don’t just say, “Hi, I’m Bob Jones.” Say something about yourself that’ll lead to a conversation. “Hi, I’m Bob Jones and I’m a huge sports fan”.

Tip #2: Focus on what you want. Charismatic people are passionate about what they believe in. Those who have no passion are often considered to be dull. So find something that truly inspires you and work it into your life. You’ll have a constant glow about you that people will find exciting.

A 3rd tip for developing charisma: Be a good listener. When people think you value their opinions, they will value yours. So, when you have a conversation with someone, make eye contact. Don’t let your attention drift, no matter who passes by, or how many times your cell phone rings. Also, ask follow-up questions that show you’re paying attention. And here’s a great tip: Put yourself in the shoes of the person who’s speaking. When someone tells you a story, imagine that it happened to you. That way your facial responses will show sincere interest.

And a final way to develop charisma: Apologize. When a charismatic person makes a mistake, they don’t get defensive or point fingers. That just looks petty and makes people angry. So accept responsibility when you mess up if you want others to respect you.