According to fung shway experts, the way you place items in your home can dramatically affect your life   for the better! So here are some tips from Denise Linn, author of the book "Fung Shway for the Soul." We found these in Woman's World magazine.
To achieve success:
  • Put away your unfinished projects. Half-knitted sweaters and partially written letters subconsciously decrease your energy level and ambition.
  • If you're a type-A person   high strung, impatient and competitive   paint your work area in pastels and use dimmer lights. This'll help you relax   which you need to do in order to be successful. Otherwise, you'll burn out.
  • If you're a type-B person   relaxed, uncompetitive and prone to procrastination   use brighter lights and bolder colors. This'll give you that extra dose of energy you need to follow through on projects.
And finally, to help bring more success into your life, picture yourself there.
Hang pictures throughout your home that stand for your goals. For example, if you're trying to lose weight, hang photos of yourself when you were thinner. Or if you're trying to save money for a vacation, display pictures of sandy beaches and palm trees, or the Eiffel Tower and a French cafe. These visuals will help motivate you to get what you want.