Join the club! But guess what – clutter raises your stress level. And not just visible clutter. Even if you shoved it behind a closet door, it still adds to your stress because it’s unfinished business hanging over your head. But to streamline your life, you need to know what kind of clutter-bug you are. Here’s the scoop from Self magazine:

The first clutter type: The Optimist. If your favorite phrase is "But I’ll need it one day," that’s you. You probably keep clothes that don’t fit and use dumbbells for doorstops. What’s the fix? Keep only what says "This is me as I am now!" So toss the size 2 jeans from 3 pregnancies ago, and sell your dust-covered rowing machine.

Then there’s The Sentimentalist. That’s you if hang onto ugly heirlooms and old holiday cards because "Nana would die if I tossed this!" Stop the guilt trip! Tuck your all-time favorites in a box, and ditch the rest. After all, your Nana would rather see you living in a neat-and-tidy, stress-free space!

And the final clutter personality: The Spotlight Seeker. That’s you if you display coffee table books you’ve never opened.

Or have a too-hip-for-the-room collection of CDs that you never listen to because your Kelly Clarkson CD is always on repeat. What’s the fix? Ask yourself one question: "Do I love this?" If the answer’s no, ditch it! Only keep what you value in life. Not what others would be impressed by.