It's time to banish your perfectionist ways   once and for all!
According to Carolyn Hobbs, author of the book Joy No Matter What   life is never going to be perfect. So you need to learn how to live with it "as is." Here are her tips, courtesy of Woman's Day magazine:
  • First: See the good. It's easy to criticize, but seeing the GOOD in things   even if it's not exactly how you'd do it   is harder! So, when you find yourself being critical   stop, take a breath and remember that EVERYTHING is imperfect.
  • Next: Cut back. People often take on too much to prove that they're capable   and then they beat themselves up for doing a mediocre job. Instead, you should pat yourself on the back simply for getting things DONE. Then look at your packed schedule and make some cuts.
  • And a final tip for letting go of perfectionism: Set priorities. Let's face it   you're not going to be perfect at everything. But you can be pretty great at a FEW things when you put all your effort into them. So, figure out what's important to you. Then pull your energy from the things that don't matter, and put it into the things that DO!