You can't argue with success! And when it comes to being successful there aren't a lot of folks whose record is as impressive as former UCLA coach John Wooden's. He's won 10 national basketball championships - that's more than twice the number won by any other coach!

So, I have 3 of Wooden's favorite tools for overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals, courtesy of the Bottom Line Personal:

First: Get everyone involved and keep them that way. When you're working with others, get feedback from 100 percent of the group, and make sure there's a clear understanding of exactly what each person is going to do to move the project along.

Tip #2: Stay determined. Easier said than done, right? Here's Wooden's trick: Ask yourself questions that keep you focused on what you're trying to achieve. Instead of "Will this work?" try "How will I make this work?" It's a subtle difference, but it kept Wooden hanging on for the 18 years it took him to win his first championship.

And a final tip for coming out a winner, from basketball great John Wooden: Stay alert. The extra focus boosts creativity.

How do you make yourself more alert? When you're in a conversation, don't think of your reply while the other person is speaking. Just listen. Then take a deep breath before you respond. This simple exercise will keep your brain sharp, and you'll win points for being the best listener in the room.