Life doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. However, when you lose your job, your marriage falls apart or a parent dies – that’s a tough sentiment to digest. So, here’s what you can do RIGHT NOW to keep things under control, and keep your sanity. We got these tips from Spirituality and Health magazine.  

  • Don’t blame yourself or anyone else. Remember this saying: “A person who blames others has not begun his education. A person who blames himself has begun his education. A person who blames no one has finished his education.” The goal is no judgment. Nothing good, nothing bad.
  • Count your assets. A by-product of a major setback is often a smaller bank account. There are things no amount of money can give you, or change. Paul H. Sutherland, author of Zenvesting, says you should take stock of your real assets. What is the quality of your character? What are your talents and capabilities? If you’re able to work, that’s an asset. If you’re a loving parent, that’s an asset. If job skills and compassion are two of your main assets, you can get through most anything.
  • Another thing to consider in the wake of a setback: Budget. This includes budgeting your time as much as it does your money. Right now is when you should work toward specific goals, because you’ll probably feel more motivated to focus. Also, Sutherland says save money as fast as you can. You can’t have a financially secure life if you don’t save. Ten percent of your earnings is the magic number, but do what you can. Even though times are tight, try to put away a little each month.
  • Reach out. We all need people and if you don’t agree with that statement, you really need people. So find practical, level-headed, compassionate, responsible, successful friends who can support you, hang out with you and help you. It’s the best medicine for getting back on track.