Everybody’s worried about the economy. We all know someone who’s been laid off, had their hours cut, or whose company collapsed into bankruptcy. All the stress is causing us to snap at our spouses, kids and co-workers for no reason. So, here’s how to keep your cool, courtesy of HarvardBusiness.org.

  • Don’t panic. Financial insecurity is scary, but don’t just duck and run for cover.  Instead, sit down and figure out your options. Part of the reason we’re so stressed is that we can’t control our financial lives. However, figuring out where to cut even a few corners will make you feel like you’re doing something to put things right.
  • Encourage people to talk things out. Each of us has a personal financial story that may be deeply affecting us right now. Whether we’re worrying about paying bills, afraid of losing our job, or scared we’ll default on our mortgage and become homeless. You may not be able to help your friends or family - but just talking about their worries can make them feel better. In fact, just showing that you care can really improve their frame of mind.                 
  • Choose four absolute must-do's at work – the ones that’ll help your business thrive and survive - and focus almost exclusively on them. After all, if you treat everything like a crisis, you won’t get anything done. It’s more important for your company to stay in business than for you to get all of your filing done.
  • Find ways to blow off steam and relax, whether you walk the dogs at sunrise, hit the gym after work, or take a hot bath before dinner. You’ll be much better able to cope with the stress around you, if you can bleed off some of the stress inside of yourself first.