Do you drive your spouse insane with your fidgeting? Maybe you smack your gum, or you have to do everything EXACTLY right!
Here’s how to kick some of your annoying habits to the curb, courtesy of Real Simple magazine.

  • You fidget. Why? Because you have excessive energy. Maybe you hit the coffee pot a little too hard this morning, or OD’d on sugar. Well, now you have a surge in adrenaline and it’s causing you to squirm. The solution? Try to convert the movement of your hands and legs into beneficial exercises. For example, put your hands in your lap and concentrate on gently pushing your palms together. For your legs, put both feet on the floor and push down on the ground. Do this until your fidgeting subsides, and you’ll be strengthening your muscles at the same time. Oh - and if you’re a triple mocha addict, cut back.  
  • You smack your gum. This is something people do when they’re nervous or anxious. The fastest and best way to stop is to switch to hard candy. But if you DON’T want to give up the gum, have a friend stop you every time they hear you doing it. Or try to hear your own smacking. Once you realize how irritating it is, you’ll probably be embarrassed enough to stop.
  • Being a perfectionist. You might be this way if mom and dad had high expectations of you. For example, a “B” on your report card wasn’t acceptable. To help kick this habit, train yourself to care less. Deliberately do a poor job when performing a small chore – one that won’t affect your work or personal life. Like not washing the dishes properly before putting them in the dishwasher, or leaving the bed unmade for a day. When you do this, and you live another day to talk about it, you’ll realize that the consequences of NOT doing something perfectly aren’t so awful.