Whether you want to score a raise or win an argument, there’s brand new research on how you can make people more agreeable – more likely to give you a “yes”. Try these persuasion techniques from Woman’s World magazine:

  • Start by approaching someone after their coffee break. New research has found that people are more agreeable after drinking a caffeinated drink. Why? The researchers think it’s because caffeine improves mood, and people are more open to ideas when they’re in a good mood.
  • Another way to be more persuasive – is to do something for the other person first. This is the theory behind the free gift you get when you go to a car dealer or sign up with a new bank. When you get something first, you feel a subtle sense of obligation. So if you do something nice for a friend first, it doesn’t force them to reciprocate, but it does improve your odds.
  • You should also look your best when you want to be persuasive. Research from the University of Toronto found that people are more likely to say “yes” to someone who’s well-dressed and looking nice – in every situation from a store refund to a salary increase.                              
  • And you also need to take into account a person’s gender when asking for something. If you’re approaching your female boss for a day off, sit or stand directly across from her. Studies show women are more comfortable when they’re discussing things face to face. Men on the other hand, prefer people to be at right angle. Men are more relaxed when the person they’re dealing with is side-on to them.