Let’s talk about self confidence. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like you could handle any situation? Well, you can! If you lack self-confidence, you’ve essentially gotten into the habit of not believing in yourself. But like any bad habit - that can be changed. Here’s how. These tips for are from Men’s Health, but they’re guaranteed to work for the ladies too!

  • Break big goals into small, manageable tasks. For example, ‘lose 20 pounds’ becomes ‘get up early, exercise, eat a healthy breakfast, pack a healthy lunch - and so on’. Completing each step is a positive experience and soon you’ll feel like you’ve mastered an issue that had mastered you.
  • Don’t get bored. Several studies have linked boredom with low self-esteem. So, keep your mind occupied. Turn off the TV and take up a hobby. You won’t just feel more confident. You’ll be happier and less stressed, too.
  • And the last and most important confidence boosting tip: Change how you act and your thinking will follow. There’s a Catch-22 wired into our brains. Thinking, “I’m so nervous” immediately RAISES your anxiety levels. Instead, try breathing slowly and acting like you aren’t nervous. Speak in a clear, measured voice. You’ll come across as being in control of the situation. Once you tame your nervous behaviors, your thinking catches up with your actions.

Now, I’m not saying you’ll never be nervous again, but if you break large projects into small tasks, keep your mind occupied, and take control of your breathing and speech - you’ll be able to deal with any situation. ESPECIALLY the ones that make you nervous.