You might not get to make a big Oscar-winner’s speech in your lifetime – like Helen Mirren and Forest Whitaker both did at the Academy Awards this year. But you CAN give an Oscar-WORTHY speech, anytime – anywhere. Howard Bragman has penned speeches for several Academy Award winners, and he offers the following tips for giving presentations, toasts or anything else that might put you in front of a crowd. We got these from Condé Nast Publications.

  • Never cover too much ground. Keep your speech to just 3 to 5 main points. And write your topics down on note cards to keep you on track.
  • Practice! Deliver your speech several times on front of a mirror until you’re comfortable with it. Or you can video yourself and watch it with a friend who’ll be honest about your delivery.
  • Get a grip on your nerves. Calm yourself down by taking slow, deep breaths. Bragman says if you control your breath, you’ll control your mood.
  • Be confident. Remember – you’re the expert. So keep your head up, speak with a strong voice, and keep eye contact – it’ll show you’re in command.