The recession seems to be easing up, but times are still tough. So here’s some advice from the experts – recession lessons we should carry with us.

  1. You may want a job but you don't deserve a job. You have to work for it. Get ready to hustle, do more than asked, swallow your pride, and hold your tongue - complainers just won't make it in today's marketplace.
  2. Keep learning. One study found that the highest-paid workers tend to have a variety of skills. So learn Chinese, keep up with what's going on in the online world, network like crazy and see what your community college is offering to stay on your A-game.
  3. Less stuff equals more freedom. A key take-away from the mortgage meltdown is that funding your lifestyle with debt is a disaster waiting to happen.
  4. Be prepared for change. People no longer stay with one company from entry level through retirement. So be flexible about switching careers, and keep your eye on the fields that are growing quickly – like healthcare, eldercare, and the service industry.
  5. Don't get addicted to your paycheck. Most careers will have setbacks. It's part of life. So don't plan on continually making more money year-after-year.
  6. Loving what you do pays off. People who are passionate about what they do, tend to be more innovative and motivated. In fact, lots of people struggling with the recession have discovered that money isn't nearly as great a reward as loving what you do, and there are worse things in life than not having a huge bank account.