Want to live to be 100? Embrace your inner caveman! According to the book Health Secrets of the Stone Age, adopting a “living-off-the-land” mentality can improve your health – and increase your longevity. Researchers have studied modern societies that live by the same principles as our ancestors: Raising organic crops, and tending a few goats and chickens. Those cultures hardly ever face obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease. So here’s adopt that Stone Age lifestyle:

  • Go organic when it comes to produce. Over the past 60 years, nutrient levels in produce have dropped significantly. That’s because fruit has been bred to look better and last longer on store shelves, but that breeding has also decreased the fiber and antioxidants in fruit. So, eat organic fruit whenever possible. Choose smaller fruit with more skin per ounce – like apricots, cherries and berries – because most of the fiber and antioxidants are in the skin or just beneath it.
  • Forget grain-fed beef. It’s loaded with saturated fat which leads to heart disease. Our ancient ancestors ate “game meat,” like bison and venison. with much less saturated fat. Your best bet: Buy grass-fed meat. Butchers at most grocery stores now carry it.
  • Drink water. In a recent survey, researchers found that a lot of children NEVER drink water, only high-calorie, high-sugar juices and soft drinks. Soda drinkers have a higher risk for weight gain, stroke and heart attack. So drink enough water to make your urine clear or light-colored. That shows you’re getting enough.
  • Finally, back in ancient times, living was exercise. Stone Agers walked miles to gather food, chased down game, and used only hand tools, burning more than 4,000 calories a day. They stayed strong, lean and healthy until they were killed by something or someone. So, make your lifestyle exercise. Walk further – take the stairs – and do more things manually.