But there aren't. So don't waste the ones you have--Especially if you're looking for a parking spot. According to the journal Transportation Science, one expert has finally answered the question: Is it better to circle the parking lot for the closest space or just take the first one you see?
Dr. C. Richard Cassady of Mississippi State University applied probability statistics and mathematical theories to a Wal-Mart parking lot, and here's the solution he came up with: Just pick a row and take the best spot, even if it's at the far end. He says people who circle and wait for a closer spot may cut their walking distance by about 25 percent, but that's canceled out by the longer time it takes to park. The average circling time is 71 seconds   so your best bet is to just take the first space you see and hoof it.
The science behind parking - another example of our tax dollars hard at work