A lot of common diet advice we hear just isnít accurate. So, letís test your ďDiet IQĒ with a few True/False questions:

First: True or False: Eating fat makes you fat! Thatís False. Your body needs some fat to regulate your mood, manage your metabolism and control your appetite. In fact, a study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that a diet high in the healthy, unsaturated fats found in nuts, salmon, and olive oil can help you lose more weight than a low-fat diet.

The next True/False question: Eating carbs helps you lose weight. Thatís True. A report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that overweight people who got all of their carbs from whole grains lost more belly fat than those who skipped carbs altogether. Why? The fiber in whole grains boost metabolism and slows digestion. So, you burn more calories, and feel full longer.

Then, True or False: To lose weight, you have to give up dessert. False. Studies show that completely eliminating the foods you love sends you into ďbinge mode.Ē Because deprivation makes you obsess about how much you want it.

And the final True-False question: Eggs are a dieterís friend. Thatís True! A study in the International Journal of Obesity found that dieters who ate two eggs for breakfast every day lost significantly more weight than those who ate bagels because the protein in eggs boosts your metabolism, and helps create lean muscle mass while burning away fat. But donít you have to worry about the cholesterol in eggs? No. Studies show that eating eggs has almost no impact on the levels of bad cholesterol in your bloodstream.