Modern conveniences are great when they help save you time and money, but some of life’s short-cuts are nothing more than marketing gimmicks, which could potentially ruin your finances and your health! Here’s the truth behind some modern INconveniences, according to Rodale Publishing:

  • The first modern inconvenience: Instant access to your credit limit. Most banks offer this option online, or over the phone. The idea is that you can contact the bank 24-hours-a-day, and find out how much money’s available in your ATM or credit card account. Why’s that a problem? New research found that when people hear the words “available balance,” they psychologically assume it’s money they’re free to spend! In other words: Knowing you have a $2,000 credit limit might tempt you into going on a $2,000 shopping spree. The fix? Always shop with cash. Studies show that when you pay cash, you physically see your money disappear, and that activates the pain centers in your brain, so you’ll likely spend less.
  • Another modern inconvenience: Reusable grocery bags. Experts agree that buying a reusable bag is a great way to “go green.” That’s because landfills are clogged with more than 500 million plastic bags every year! However, reusable bags only work if you use them, and studies show that many shoppers don’t. That’s a problem, since the heavier material in reusable bags can stay in landfills much longer than plastic! So if you’re going to buy a reusable bag, keep it somewhere you’ll remember to use it – like in your car, or where you keep your keys.
  • One more modern inconvenience: Fast-food salads. Logic tells us that eating a salad is healthier than eating a hamburger. However, a new Duke University study found that salads actually increase fatty fast-food sales! How? Researchers believe that just seeing a salad on the menu satisfies our unconscious goal to be healthy. So we assume that ordering a salad gives us a free pass to also order a side of onion rings, or a hot apple pie! Bottom line: If you really want to eat healthy, avoid fast-food restaurants altogether or order a small salad with grilled chicken, and go easy on the dressing.