And according to Rodale Publications, the Loud Cellphone Talker is near the top of that list. You know the guy. He lurks in elevators, theatres, public bathrooms   anyplace that should be quiet. He's often surrounded by his buddies   Ring Tone Tester and Blackberry Addict. With his earpiece and hip holster, you can't miss him. And you can certainly HEAR him from a mile away   revealing way too personal details, like the results of his colonoscopy, or how his son's potty training is going.

So what should you do if you unfortunately find yourself in this guy's company? Carol Page is the founder of Cell Manners .com. And she says do this: Wait until he finishes the call, and then ask politely, "So, what did your colonoscopy entail? My dad's going in for one." Page says putting him on the spot will make him realize that he's NOT living in his own little world.
And if you ARE that guy   try turning up your earpiece. When you can't hear the other person you tend to raise YOUR voice. So turn up the volume and save personal conversations for your OWN space