This show is all about helping you live your life a whole lot better. And who better to give advice on this topic than Dr. Phil? Here are his tips on how you can improve your life. Starting NOW.

  • Break a bad habit. Dr. Phil says we don’t really “break” bad habits. Instead, we replace the unwanted behavior with something that prevents you from doing it and that doesn’t have unhealthy side effects. So “replace” one of your bad behaviors. For example, if you gorge on ice cream after a stressful day at work, try taking a brisk walk, instead. After all, you can’t pig out in the kitchen and walk around the block at the same time.
  • Grow your marriage. Relationships are negotiated, and the negotiation never stops. It’s always a give-and-take, and it always requires work. So communicate with your spouse. Listen to each other. Learn to work through your problems without yelling. Dr. Phil says you should think of your marriage as a garden – if you planted it, forgot about it, and came back 6 months later, everything would be dead. Just like a garden, you have to tend your relationship, nurture it, weed it and feed it. Do that, and it’ll grow.
  • Refocus your anger. When you’re mad about something, venting isn’t a good idea. You say things you don’t mean, and will probably regret. Instead, recognize that anger is usually a sign of fear or frustration, and deal with that emotion instead of blowing up. So don’t yell at your kids because you had a bad day at work. Instead, figure out why you had a bad day and come up with a plan to fix it. When you do that, you’re a problem solver.  Not a problem- creator.