So – your kids are safely at school but their lunches are at home on the counter. You can’t find your glasses – even though they’re sitting on top of your head. Sound familiar? If you’re crazy busy, you’re bound to forget a few things, and as we get older, a little memory loss is normal. However, it doesn’t have to get the best of you! Here are some tricks for boosting your memory, courtesy of Health magazine.

  • Vary your routine. Do you forget the punch line every time you tell a joke? Well, shake up your schedule! Dr. Margie Lachman, director of the Lifespan Developmental Psychology Laboratory in Massachusetts, says you need variation. Take a shower when you first get up, instead of drinking coffee and watching TV for a half an hour. Or turn to the newspaper instead of the internet for your news fix. This stimulates nerve cell growth in your brain – and improves your ability to recall information and events.  
  • To remember names exercise your eyes. Before you walk into your next social gathering, move your eyes side to side for 30 seconds. Yeah, you might look a little weird, but this trick can help you retain the names of the new people you’re about to meet. How? The horizontal movement makes the brain’s hemispheres interact, and that’s important in memory retrieval.
  • Breathe deeply. Do you have a boss who likes to give pop quizzes after a two-hour conference? If so, you can keep your mind focused during the meeting by meditating beforehand. Studies show that it’s a great way to improve your attention span, and paying attention is KEY to remembering information. Never meditated before? Simply sit or lie on the floor in a comfortable position, in a quiet room. Rest both your hands in your lap or on your stomach, and breathe deeply – focusing on the silence. If you do this for 10 minutes a day, concentration during those long, drawn-out meetings will be piece of cake!