Let’s talk about your stress levels for a minute. Dr. James Erlich is a professor of endocrinology at the University of Colorado. He says that for some of us, the little stressors we face every day are more harmful than the big ones, like a death in the family, or a car accident. Why? Because they can be chronic. The sole purpose of stress hormones is to get us through life-threatening situations. However, today, people live in stress mode. The constant release of stress hormones can lead to depression, diabetes, heart disease and cancer – not to mention poor eating and sleeping. So, here are two daily stressors you need to get rid of, because they take a real toll. We got them from Woman’s Day magazine.

  • People who say yes when they mean no. You make lunch plans with a coworker, your friend vows to catch a movie with you – and they both cancel at the last minute. While they’ve done this before, they’ve also come through for you. So, do you stop seeing them? Here’s the problem: research shows that relationships like these – when you can’t predict if the person will be there for you or not – can take a greater toll on you than hanging out with someone you dislike. So, the next time you ask a flaky friend or coworker to do something, tell them that “no” is an option, and that if they say yes, you expect them to follow through. If they agree, and then bail out again, it’s in your best interest to stop trying to spend time with them.
  • Automated customer assistance. Erlich says that periodic bad experiences with automated customer service centers can result in long-lasting frustration. The solution? Check out the website Get2Human.com. It has a list of numbers that’ll get you directly to a live representative. If the company you need to contact isn’t listed, the website suggests you call the main number and keep pressing zero until you get someone. You can also try voice activation by saying “agent” or “customer service.”