We laugh in the face of danger! So here are some tips on how to get out of life's stickier situations, courtesy of the folks at Worst Case Scenarios .com.
  • You're tossed into a raging river. And as you struggle to stay afloat, you hear the dull roar of a waterfall--Here's what to do: Take a deep breath just before you go over the falls. You might not be able to breathe once you're in the air. Go over the falls feet first. Squeeze your feet together and remain upright. Put your arms around your head. As soon as you hit the water, start swimming away from the waterfall.
  • Then, as you struggle to the shore, you hear the dull roar of thunder. Count the number of seconds between a flash of lightening and the thunder, and divide by five. This gives you an idea of your distance from the storm in miles. If it's less than six miles, take immediate action. Kneel down, place your head on the ground and put your hands over your head. If possible get into a grounded, well-protected building.
And if you ever have to leap from a building into a dumpster, here's what to do:
Resist the temptation to push off. You don't want to miss the dumpster. Tuck your head and bring your legs in. You're shooting for a three-quarters somersault. When you fall any great distance, you want to land on your back - not your stomach. Finally, hope somebody just threw away a bunch of cardboard boxes and Styrofoam.
And when you survive all that   go buy yourself a Superman costume. You've earned it.