That’s because being a genius isn’t all about brain power. A lot of it is has to do with how we think about things.

So here are a few ways to harness the genius inside of you, courtesy of the book Thinking Like a Genius by Michael Michalko.

  • It’s very "Leonardo da Vinci" to look at problems a lot of different ways. He studied his problems over and over. Geniuses don’t give up.
  • Next, think in pictures. Doodle, or draw a diagram. For Einstein it was all about diagrams. Because drawing brings both sides of your brain together – the logic side and the creative side, so you think better.
  • Also, do something - anything! Geniuses are productive. Thomas Edison held over a thousand patents, even though a lot of those ideas were duds. For every great invention - or symphony, or novel - there are lots of crumbled pages on the floor. So don’t edit yourself by thinking "Oh, that’s a dumb, never mind". Any idea is good because it can lead you in a new direction.
  • Another way to think like a genius: Practice making unusual connections between things. Samuel Morse got the idea for telegraph relay stations by watching mail riders switch horses.
  • Also, try comparing things. Comparing your problem to something else expands your perspective. This trick was one of Aristotle’s favorites.
  • But the super weapon of thinking like a genius is: Let yourself fail. It’s part of the process. Some great things - like the chocolate chip cookie, penicillin and the World Wide Web - were "oopses". Geniuses don’t fear their flops. They know they’re part of process to getting great success.

If you want to learn more, check out the book Thinking Like a Genius by Michael Michalko.