That's how long it takes for them to form their first impression - and first impressions count. According to Ros Taylor, author of the book "Confidence in Just Seven Days", you can turn those thirty seconds into an asset by doing what businesses do everyday - create a 30 second commercial that showcases your best and brightest traits. Here's how:
  • Make a list of the stuff that really makes you different from other people. And don't forget to include things that'll stop people from stereotyping you. For example, if you wear thick glasses you may want to work in something about your mountain climbing to beat the "brainy" stereotype.
  • Make sure your commercial sounds positive and upbeat. Avoid phrases like "I'm fairly good at-" or "People would say I'm-" Focus on brief sentences and keywords to get the point across.
  • And finally, to make a good impression, practice your personal commercial in front of the mirror. That way you'll be more likely to make eye contact and smile when you take your show on the road.
And no, this isn't a license to brag. It's just that a lot of us aren't as aware of our better qualities as we should be. But remember, if you start telling people you're the next John Grisham or Donald Trump, you're going to come across as arrogant - even if you're able to prove it. So just stick to being YOU.
Want to go further? Check out the book, "Confidence in Just Seven Days."