It’s time for another food fight. That’s where we put two foods in a head-to-head battle and see which one emerges as the nutritional champ. This comes from MSN Health – and it’s the lunch edition:

  • To start – how about the lunchtime staple, the peanut butter sandwich. Which should you use? Regular Jif Creamy or the Jif Reduced Fat? The answer isn’t as obvious as one may think. The regular Jif Creamy Peanut Butter is more nutritious! Why? Because when they reduced the fat, it changed the taste. To compensate, they added more salt and sugar. The reduced fat version also has reduced protein and reduced fiber! So stick with the regular kind of peanut butter. The lesson here is to always check labels. Reduced fat may sound good – but in this case, it’s less nutritious.
  • Next up, let’s talk yogurt. What’s more nutritious: low-fat yogurt or Greek yogurt? Low-fat yogurt is good for you. It’s got more calcium than milk, and contains beneficial bacteria that can prevent stomach problems and yeast infections, but non-fat Greek yogurt is best. It’s richer and creamier than regular yogurt, has twice the protein, contains no fat, and has a lot fewer calories.
  • Which is better, a real apple up or apple chips? They both might sound nutritious, but a fresh apple is about 100 times better for you than chips fried in oil! They’re also loaded with saturated fat, sugar, salt and calories! So, go for the real deal.
  • Then, if you have to buy pre-packaged deli meat, which should you choose? Shaved ham or fat-free turkey breast. Which one is more nutritious? The shaved ham! Though the turkey breast is 99 percent fat-free, it has less protein, more sugar and a lot more sodium than the shaved ham!

So, a quick food fight review: Choose regular peanut butter over reduced fat, Greek yogurt over light yogurt, a real apple over apple chips, and shaved ham over fat-free turkey.