As Scarlett O’Hara famously said in Gone With The Wind, “I shall never go hungry again!” Well, you don’t have to suffer through a civil war to feel that way – you just need to eat the right foods. So here and now, are the five foods that’ll keep you feeling full the longest. This has actually been studied by researchers in Australia, who came up with something called the “satiety index.” It’s a way to determine how satisfied you feel after eating certain foods. The researchers had volunteers eat 240 calories of each food, then rated their level of fullness over the next two hours. So here are the top five:

  • Starting with #5: Cooked whitefish is proven to keep you feeling full for hours. For best results, steam or grill a thick whitefish like cod, bass, or halibut.
  • The number 4 food to keep you full: Beans. Their high fiber content is key. High fiber foods are processed more slowly and last longer in the stomach.
  • The third best fullness food: Oatmeal. It has more protein per serving than any other grain – as well as a good dose of fiber. According to the American Dietetic Association, if you eat oatmeal plus low fat yogurt in the morning, you won’t get a hunger pang until lunchtime. So no mid-morning snack attack.
  • Number two on the fullness scale: Eggs. Again, it’s the protein. Researchers at the University of Washington found that people who eat a diet consisting of 30% protein eat over 400 FEWER calories each day than people who eat less protein.
  • White potatoes! Not French fries – we’re talking a baked potato. The Australian scientists found that it kept their volunteers full three times longer than the average food. Fried versions, like chips and fries, didn’t have that same satisfying effect – because of the high fat content.