Mom always told you it was, but it’s time to ask the experts: is fish REALLY brain food? It seems that - YES – mom was indeed onto something. According to Woman’s Day magazine, fish is a good source of DHA. That’s short for docosa-hexanoic acid – an omega-3 fatty acid that helps brain cells form and function. And eating it has been linked to a better memory, and can improve your mood and emotional well-being.

A recent study showed that elderly people who ate fish once a week for 4 years developed Alzheimer’s less often than those who rarely or never ate it. Experts recommend getting fish twice a week. Salmon, mackerel, sardines and herring are especially good sources of DHA.

If you’re not a fish fan, the other big brain food is antioxidants. You can get these from brightly colored fruits and vegetables – like berries, spinach, Brussels sprouts, plums, broccoli, avocadoes, oranges and red bell peppers. And many of these foods are also high in B vitamins, another brain booster. A study of more than 800 adults found that after 3 years of taking folic acid supplements – a B vitamin – memory improved and mental skills stayed sharper.     

Want even more of a brain boost? Then eat protein with every meal and avoid simple carbohydrates, like donuts. Also, maintaining a healthy body weight is crucial. Researchers have linked adult obesity to impaired brain function and dementia. So hop on that treadmill and keep your body and your BRAIN in shape.