Would you believe that the kid-focused network Nickelodeon is one of the hottest channels for moms to watch?

It may sound funny, since Nickelodeon is known for popular children’s shows like “Dora the Explorer” and “iCarly,” but the network recently made headlines when they announced they’re launching “Nick Mom” a new nightly programming block aimed at Moms.

In fact, they’re creating more than 30 new TV shows for moms, including sketch comedy, a reality show called “Mom vs. Grandma,” and even a news show modeled after the hit “Daily Show.”

So, why is a kid’s channel going after moms? It all boils down to advertising dollars. A new study found that mothers are most likely to watch TV not during the day, but from 9 P.M. to 1 A.M. Experts say that TV watching time is due to the fact that ever since the recession hit, a lot of moms have returned to work. So, they only start unwinding around 9 P.M., when work’s over, and their kids are in bed. Which is exactly why Nickelodeon wants to offer nighttime mom programs. Their target audience are Moms 40 and under because about 25% of them watched Nick when they were kids!

And network executives figure it’s a move that’ll attract big bucks from advertisers, who are always after those coveted mom-dollars. Statistics show that Moms spend about $2-trillion dollars a year on products.

Just so you know - Nick Mom is scheduled to launch in 2012.