It's a tie between your local mall and the grocery store. Here's how to speed through your holiday food shopping, courtesy of Self magazine:

  • First, put your shopping list in order. In other words, group things together, like canned goods, or produce, so you don't have to zig-zag all over the store.
  • Then, avoid traffic jams by becoming a "retriever". Leave your cart at the end of each aisle, and bring back what you need.
  • Double up on non-perishables. For example, buy cereal, crackers and condiments in twos. It'll save you time on future trips.
  • And the final way to speed through your grocery shopping is: Help out the guy who's bagging your groceries. Put your heaviest items on the conveyor belt first, so they can put them at the bottom of the bags. And rotate each item so the bar code faces the checker. It'll make their job easier, and faster.