Your light bulbs and alarm clock could be the reason youíre not sleeping!

Scientists are saying that some of the more energy efficient new lighting hitting the market could be throwing off your circadian rhythm and ruining your sleep AND your health!

Light emitting diodes or LEDs are in everything, TVs, phones, alarm clocks, because theyíre cheaper and more efficient than other forms of illumination. But soon youíre going to start seeing white L-E-Ds replacing traditional light bulbs in your car, home and in street lights. These white L-E-Ds are actually a mixture of blue and yellow light, and some scientists believe that blue light sends signals to your brain to turn off melatonin production. That means you donít sleep properly which has been linked to obesity, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

One group of scientists whoíve been studying the problem think itís so bad that theyíre actually calling for a total ban on white LEDs and recommend that people stick with incandescent and compact florescent light bulbs that produce much less blue light. More scientific experiments need to be done before we can know for sure. But in the means time, avoid LEDs for at least an hour before bed.