Here are some common health worries that you can stop freaking out about. They come from Dr. Alice Domar, and her book Live A Little! Breaking The Rules Won’t Hurt Your Health.

Worry #1: My health is doomed because I have a family history of disease. Actually, the latest research shows that lifestyle plays a bigger role in your future health than your family DNA. A study in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that maintaining a healthy lifestyle will cut your risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes by 80% percent – no matter what diseases your relatives had!

Another common health worry: I’ve got cellulite, so I must be overweight! Dr. Domar says there’s a difference between belly fat and cellulite. A study from Duke University Medical Center found that the fat linked to cellulite is genetic, and even the fittest people have it. Also, cellulite does not produce the hormones that boost blood pressure or cholesterol. Basically, cellulite or no cellulite, if you keep your Body Mass Index under 25 – which is where being “overweight” begins, you’re okay.

The next health worry you can relax about: I don’t eat vegetables because I hear they’re covered in pesticides! A survey from the American Dietetic Association found that that kind of thinking is causing a growing number of people to avoid produce. But know this: Many studies show that the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables far outweigh the risks of pesticide exposure. But experts say it’s smart to always wash produce in water before eating it, because washing removes most pesticide residue, as well as dangerous food-borne bacteria like salmonella or e-Coli.