80% of us will suffer from serious back pain sometime in our life. In fact, Dr. Martin Leland, an orthopedic surgeon at the University of Chicago Medical Center, says an aching spine is one of the most common reasons women see their doctors. And here are four things that could be triggering those spasms:

1. Those little ballet flats are fashionable, but they’re wreaking havoc on your back! The discs in your lower back are filled with cushiony fluid, but flimsy shoes wring them out like a sponge. If you won’t give up your ballet flats, invest ten-bucks in some good inserts.

2. Carrying your kids around. That added 20, 30 or 40 pounds may be overloading your back! Let them use their feet, but switch sides when you're carrying them to keep your body balanced.

3. The third thing triggering your back ache: Your Cell Phone. Do you walk around with your Blackberry between your ear and shoulder? Then your spine is stretching it's limits. This can result in upper back pain. If you can’t use your hands, switch to a headset.

And the final back pain trigger? Sitting Still. Staying in one position for eight hours can stress your back. So adjust your position periodically by putting a phone book or big dictionary under your monitor and another under your feet. Then, after a few hours, remove them. The point is to use different muscles at different times throughout the day. And on your lunch break, move around for at least 15 minutes.