Have you ever been sick and lost a bunch of weight, only to be shocked when everybody said how good you looked?
It’s happened to people with mono, broken jaws, gastrointestinal problems, and cancer – where friends and strangers brush off their suffering and focus on their amazing weight loss. Like one 33-year-old woman we read about. She had a flare-up of lupus that caused severe weight loss, a small stroke, and heart problems. She dropped to 88 pounds, and she even ended up in a wheelchair, but almost everyone assumed she’d purposely dieted and exercised in order to look anorexic – and showered her with compliments. Especially the men.

Some people who fixate on weight loss instead of the big picture lack social sensitivity, and often place more emphasis on physical attractiveness and outward appearances than health. And since they don’t pay much attention to their inner self, they have no idea the emotional harm their comments cause.

So, before you compliment someone who lost a bunch of weight, make sure they haven’t been sick. 

Look at it this way: It’s kind of like patting a woman on the stomach before you know whether she’s pregnant - or just overweight.